Being interested in following my blood glucose based on various things I’ve read on the subject of blood glucose levels and health (and self-tracking) I wanted to d a few experiments measuring my blood glucose reactions to foods that I commonly eat.

Glucose meters are readily available and cheap now, in fact to the point that they are given away free as long as you buy a sufficient quantity of test strips (test strips are apparently where the money is made). I got an Accu-Chek Compact Plus which was priced at $4.97 at the local Walmart.  I had a coupon for a free meter from Accu-Chek, but it wasn’t actually needed.  Buy 102 strips (6 drums of 17) and they just give you the meter free anyways. After doing a bit of basic reading of the instructions and figuring out how things work I tried a few experiments and here’s the first one. The meter was set to read in mmol/L, but it’s easy enough to convert to mg/dL, just multiply by 18 (according to Wikipedia).

Notable in the data is how long it took for the blood glucose to come back down after eating the (sweet) milk chocolate. There was really no effect from the dark chocolate eaten with breakfast (admittedly a far smaller amount). The other foods and drinks seemed to have a minimal (if any) effect. Here’s a chart of the results (done in Excel 2007).