An experiment with sourdough bread. Having read about a recent study at Guelph University that claimed breads produced using the sourdough method (not just called sourdough – there is a specific method) would not cause the same increase in blood glucose typically associated with bread consumption. I tried it out using a loaf of sourdough bread from Whole Foods Market. A one pound (454 gr) loaf that looked to be made with unbleached wheat flour. Here are the results:

It appears there is still an effect from eating this type of bread, even if it seems not that extreme. Though to be fair, i’m not completely sure how closely Whole Foods actually follows the sourdough method all the way through the production of their bread. Sourdough, as far as I know, is really just a name that anyone can use even though it really does refer to a specific method of bread production (no yeast, just natural fermentation). Here’s the graph of the results:

Note the (moderate) increase after bread consumption but again beer, despite being a grain product, does not seem to have any real effect. And it’s close to four hours later that the numbers are back down to where they were in the earlier part of the morning.