A simple experiment with a fairly minimalist diet. Other than the apple nothing really had any significant carbohydrate content. There is of course some variation in blood glucose during the measured part of the day (I ran out of test strips in the latter part of the day), but the level will vary by a certain amount anyways. I really should have taken a reading before I ate, but it’s too late now. The apple doesn’t look like it could have had much of an effect anyways, since even 5.5 mmol/L is a pretty moderate reading.

Measurements were done at regular hourly intervals instead of the half hour intervals I have used at times previously. I think hourly intervals should be sufficient to measure your glucose response, especially if you are a reasonably healthy (non-diabetic) person. But tighter intervals can be interesting for detailed tracking of your bodies response to ingested foods and drink.

And here’s the chart which is pretty flat throughout the measurement period.