Another test here with some beef stew. I changed the ingredients a bit and left out the potato, rice and oats. Comparing the data for the two days, in the first test blood glucose peaked at 7.1 mmol/L 45 minutes after finishing the meal (60 minutes after starting it). In the second test blood glucose was at 5.5 mmol/L 25 minutes after finishing eating (45 minutes after starting to eat). I really should have taken at least one more measurement that evening to make a better comparison.

It’s also interesting to note the change in blood glucose due to the ingestion of cane sugar as part of the lemon soda. A pretty sharp rise seems to taper off fairly soon and it’s back to baseline after 2.5 hours. In the prior day’s test blood glucose took a similar amount of time to return to baseline even though it had risen substantially less and the sugars were in the form of more slowly released starches.

Here’s a graph of the results.