An experiment on the effect of donuts on blood glucose. A little background on this one. The day prior to the experiment (Friday) I had eaten no food all day and only had water to drink. Two days prior (Thursday) I had an all you can eat dinner at a restaurant and ate quite a lot.

On Friday when I measured my blood glucose it was:

5.3 mmol/L in the morning (7:15 am)

4.5 mmol/L in the evening (11:00 pm)

And Saturday it was:

4.7 mmol/L in the morning (8:00 am)

Here’s a table of the results. Note that the 12:30 reading appears to be some sort of error. For the graph I interpolated a reading.

It took around five hours for blood glucose to come back down, which is a pretty significant amount of time. Longer in fact than it took for the 200 gr bar of milk chocolate in my first experiment, which tool about 3.5 hours to return to normal, though under different conditions (every experiment is unique). Here’s the graph:

I probably could have continued taking readings to see how low my blood glucose dropped, but my finger tips were getting a bit sore from all the test sampling.