Two earlier experiments with the same 200 gram Core d’Or hazelnut and milk chocolate bars, yielded very different results under sedentary and exercise conditions. Here are two different graphical representations of the data. Blood glucose is measured in mmol/L, but it’s the relative change I’m looking at, so using mg/dL would not make any difference. First using the actual values for each measurement, a table of the data and a graph.

And the graph. Note that the starting points are different on the two datasets due to the initial reading being different.

To get around the starting points being different, here is the same data expressed as a percentage change from the initial reading.

And the graph based on the same data.

From either graph it’s pretty obvious that continuous exercise makes a major difference in the bodies metabolization of sugar. The area under the curve in the exercise condition is considerably smaller and the rate of increase is considerably slower.