A piece from Alexandre Tharaud’s recording of the music of Erik Satie for Harmonia Mundi. The recording is comprised of two discs, the first of Satie’s music for solo piano and the second of music with piano accompaniment.

The first disc is generally quite good with exception of La Piège de Méduse, a set of six short pieces for prepared piano which seems oddly recorded and the sound of the prepared piano comes across as annoying rather than engaging.

The pieces on the second disc just aren’t as good. Satie’s pieces for solo piano strike me as being where he was best able to exploit his quirky and inventive talent.

The piece in the video is definitely better than a fair amount of the rest of the recording. If you don’t have a copy already, I wouldn’t really rush to get a copy even if you’re an admirer of Satie’s music (as I am).