Previously I had tried eating milk chocolate followed by no exercise and doing the same but followed by cardiovascular exercise. There was a marked difference in the blood glucose response. This time I tried cardiovascular exercise (moderate intensity cycling) and consuming the milk chocolate afterwards, as well as a bowl of cherries.

As in the last case I had 200 grams of milk chocolate, in this case Green & Blacks Almond Milk Chocolate (34% cocoa) which contained a total of 80 grams of sugar (same as the Cote d’Or chocolate in the previous test).

Here’s a table of the data:

And here’s a breakdown of the carbohydrate composition of cherries from the USDA nutrient database:

Here’s a summary of the maximum blood glucose readings under the three different protocols:

And finally here’s a graph of the blood glucose readings through the day showing the increased readings after eating milk chocolate and a bunch of cherries: