In some of my previous experiments with the blood glucose meter I’ve tried exercise combined with the consumption of a 200 gram (or two 100 gram) milk chocolate bars. This time I would consume 200 grams twice over and combine it with some vigourous cardiovascular exercise (2 hours and15 minutes of cycling on a hot day, though I’m not sure that heat effects glucose metabolism at all). The exertion level I would rate as the higher end of moderate, definitely working hard.

This time I consumed 200 grams of milk chocolate (containing 80 grams of sugar) before beginning the exercise session. Then I consumed another 200 grams of the same chocolate after completing the exercise session. Based on my previous experiences, combining exercise with consumption of 200 grams of milk chocolate seriously blunted the blood glucose response when I consumed the chocolate either before or after a similar exercise session. I wanted to see if doubling the chocolate consumption would still result in a blunted blood glucose response, especially after consuming the second 200 grams.

Here’s a table showing the results.

The blood glucose response did seem moderated by the exercise. There two peaks in blood glucose after consuming the chocolate were:

7.6 – after the first 200 grams, while exercising

6.8 – after the second 200 grams, after finishing exercising

Interestingly the highest reading I got for the day was 8.8 later in the evening after eating some soup that had rice and oats in it. Perhaps that reading was a glitch, but I took a second reading and got 7.7, lower but still higher than any of the earlier readings.

And here’s a graph of the results showing the peaks in blood glucose readings after each chocolate consumption and the final peak after having chicken soup with some whole grains.

Here’s a table comparing the peaks in blood glucose after chocolate consumption this time to the prior experiments.

While conditions are always different, this time the were pretty much in line with the prior occasions despite 400 grams of milk chocolate being consumed instead of 200. The exercise protocols were pretty similar across the experiments, cycling a similar route each time (though the actual time varied).