Last Friday Statistics Canada released the latest Labour Force Survey with the numbers for August. Overall unemployment is up slightly (from 8.0 % to 8.1 %) for the second month in a row, indicating (depending on how you look at it) either a weakening of the recovery or a continuation of the recession. Here’s the data for the year to date showing an improvement of only 0.2 % year to date.

Here’s a graph of the dataset from inception showing the change in perspective.

And a briefer graph showing the changes since just prior to the beginning of the current recession.

There’s a few interesting points looking closer at the data. While there were gains in employment, they were more than offset by the increase in the participation rate (from 64.6 % to 64.9 %). The modest economic growth evidently insufficient to offset this.

The largest growth was in educational services, probably account for the drop in the unemployment rate for females age 25+ (while the rate for men in the same age category went up). Here’s a table with a summary.